Our Story

There have been many times within the history of Iowa Trust where we’ve embraced our roots as we grow and expand to meet the needs of the future.

Since 1929, Iowa Trust has built a steadfast reputation among community members, business leaders and the banking world as a financial institution that is focused on providing the very best in customer solutions. Starting out small in Emmetsburg, growing to Panora, and building a base in Clive, our strategic approach has resulted in a rock-solid business model offered to thousands across Iowa.

We invite you to learn more about the history of Iowa Trust and why so many people choose to do their banking with us.  


Emmetsburg location opens at Tobin Building in Emmetsburg, Iowa. J.A. Spies is the founder and President from 1929-1937, when he passed away.


In 1935, the bank moved to the intersection of Main Street and Broadway. This location featured drive-in banking, one of the first services of its kind in the country.

Proceeding the passing of J.A. Spies in 1937, Charles Spies becomes president of the bank, a role he would serve in until 1963.


During this decade, the population in Palo Alto county (where Emmetsburg is located) peaked. Meanwhile, life during World War II became the every day for farmers and community members. War bonds, scrap drives and rationing were just a few of the efforts done on the home front while many young men and women served our country. Despite the economy, Iowa Trust continued to grow in business and scope.


The Main Street location was remodeled and expanded to provide additional service area.


John Spies, son of Charles Spies, becomes the third president of Iowa Trust. He would remain president through 1997.


The current building, located at 10th and Union, is constructed. Iowa Trust marks its 50th Anniversary with 6,000 customers served in the surrounding Emmetsburg area.


After seeing record-high farm profitability in the late 1970s and early 1980s, many Iowa farmers — and valued Iowa Trust customers — were affected by the Farm Crisis that dominated much of the 1980s. High interest rates, high oil prices and strong grain production resulted in a drop in commodities and harsh financial conditions, comparable to the Great Depression. Through these tough times, Iowa Trust and its customers persevered, thanks to smart financial planning and customized solutions.


Gary Hughes became bank president in 1997. He served in this role through 2003.


Kris Ausborn is named president and CEO in 2004, as the bank celebrates 75 years of service to the Emmetsburg community in 2004.


The Emmetsburg location undergoes a significant remodel to better serve customers and celebrates its 80th Anniversary in late 2019 with an open house for patrons and community members.


Iowa Trust celebrates 90 years of operations with a community-wide celebration in late 2019.


Today, Iowa Trust is growing in every sense of the word. With three locations — Emmetsburg, Panora and Clive — and a diversified customer base, the future is bright for this community-focused bank. Steadfast in their focus on flexible solutions and personal approach, Iowa Trust remains the preferred banking option for thousands throughout Iowa.